It's like opening a health hamper!

The Reboot Package is specially designed for those who have had NSA in the past, but not necessarily recently.   It allows you to have a short intensive immersion of NSA which focuses on the health goal that is most important to you.  All of the elements of the package work together to provide you with the tools to set you up for the new year.

Total value of this package is £320

Cost to you is £250


Reboot Consultation  (value £50)

What's new for you?  At this 30 minute consultation we'll catch up on your health, what's going well and where you want to see improvement.

We'll identify your new health goals and how to tailor-make the reboot package for you. 

There will be a complete examination of your physical structure, how your body uses energy and adapts to stress (orthopaedic and neurological tests as necessary).  Then you're ready to begin.


Six NSA entrainments over six weeks  (value £210)

This course of care is designed to provide consistency and momentum for your body and nervous system to make changes which impact your everyday life in a meaningful way.

You might choose one session/week or a double session every second week.  I'll advise what's best for you, and together we'll determine your personalised plan. 

All six entrainments must be completed within six weeks from starting this course.  That's how you get the most benefit in your body and life from your investment of money and time.

3D cover of 5 Steps ebook.png

E-book:   5 Steps towards Health and Wellbeing  (value £20)

This developed from a series of blogs I'd written on the everday decisions we make all the time that affect our overall health and wellbeing.  Most of those decisions may seem innocuous, but when you add them up they start to count - either to help or to hinder you.   In this book each chapter has prompts to

  • help you identify your health and wellbeing goals and
  • break down those goals into achievable milestones

so you can use this for yourself and apply these methods to your real life situations.


Reboot SRI Workshop  (value £40)

At this 90 minute workshop you'll experience your body with energy, a sense of connection and stillness.  

  • Learn how to access the energy that is already in your body
  • Learn how to feel better in your body
  • Learn this simple tool that you can use at any time - in your everyday life

Workshops will be a group setting and numbers are limited.  Held during the day and in the evening, workshops will be convenient to attend after your usual entrainment appointment.   Dates and times can be found here. 


Cost to you £250


Total value is £320, cost to you is £250

Call 07985 310401 to get rebooted!


For those who have a current payment plan

You will be gifted

  • Focus your Reboot Experience
  • E-book:  5 Steps towards Health and Wellbeing
  • Reboot SRI Workshop


Terms & Conditions

Those who have previously been in care at Vibrant World Chiropractic are eligible for the Reboot Package.
Available to purchase from 8 January 2018.  Last date of purchase 19 February 2018.
All six entrainments must be taken within a six week period from starting care.  All Reboot Packages must finish by 30 March 2018.
Reboot package is purchased by paying £250 at the beginning of the six week course.
No cash equivalent for those who have a current payment plan.