Regular Analysis

Progress Examination & Report

If you drive from Wales to East Anglia, you’re going to use road signs to ensure you’re on the right road and taking the shortest route.  Similarly, at Vibrant World you will have regular audits to ensure your care is on schedule and most effective for you.  These audits include a physical re-examination and self-reported questionnaires which track how you think you’re doing.  Then you will meet with us to discuss your progress and any modifications necessary to your care.

Active Care

Treatment (NSA entrainment or SRI session)
costs £40 per entrainment

Your course of Network Care will be tailor-made to you and will comprise of NSA entrainments and SRI sessions. During these sessions we will work with your body and nervous system and you'll learn more about your body as you progress through your treatment plan. You can rest assured that each session is gentle, non-invasive and can be very relaxing.



Compare the health of your nervous system to your physical fitness level -  would you simply stop going to the gym when you reached your peak?  In the same way that exercise is beneficial to your health,  ongoing care can help you  rise to the occasion, whatever life throws at you. In fact studies show that patients self-report no limits to the benefits of NSA. This is why we have an open door policy – once you have concluded a programme of care with us, you are welcome back at any time for further entrainments or workshops.

Ongoing Care

NSA and SRI is effective in helping people with a range of symptoms.  We find that people usually come in with specific complaints but then report improvements across many areas of their lives.  After completing their recommended programme many of our patients therefore choose to continue to have NSA on an ongoing basis, either regularly to achieve new wellness goals or just when they feel they need it.   


We host various workshops and talks at Vibrant World to help you get the most out of your care and gain a deeper understanding of the methods we use.  Occasionally we will recommend a workshop which could fast-track your progress or be particularly helpful at a certain point in your care .