Vibrant World was founded by Chiropractor Priscilla Stevens BSc, MSc, DC who provides all of the Network Care at her practice in Guildford.   As with many NSA practitioners around the globe she has first-hand experience of the positive effects this pioneering technique has on health and wellbeing. Here’s her story from a patient and a practitioner’s perspective.

NSA from the patient’s perspective

Network Care helped Priscilla recover from a chronic illness.

“I really know what it’s like to be ill, feel desperate and even hopeless and embark on NSA care with some scepticism.  I clearly remember thinking the group entrainment room was a bit odd and having no idea why my practitioner kept asking me what I felt during the entrainment.  I’ve also had first-hand experience of the benefit NSA in my healing process.  So yes, I really do understand what it’s like to be the patient.”

She chooses to continue having NSA care – but while her original goal was a return to health, now her goal is about optimising health and wellness.

As a practitioner

Priscilla decided to learn NSA so she could offer that care to others.  That wasn’t only because of her positive experience of receiving care but because the NSA model of wellness and health more closely fitted with her original understanding of what a human being was capable of.  That model is called Reorganisational Healing and for those of you that join the practice, you’ll hear more about that at in-house events and workshops.







About Priscilla

When chiropractic helped Priscilla heal from a whiplash injury, she discovered new concepts about how the body heals and how we can be more ambitious for our own health.  This kindled a spark that, in time, burst into a flame and she decided to retrain as a chiropractor.

After graduating from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2003, she worked in Shropshire enjoying her new profession.  And then life threw her a curve ball…

Despite thinking she was living healthily: having regular chiropractic care, a very active exercise routine and eating plenty of greens(!), Priscilla developed a serious chronic illness in 2005.   This illness led Priscilla to get Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care for herself – and that was the beginning of a sea change in her health.

"It was a bad time but now I can see it’s because of being ill that I came to have a different and wider understanding of the components of real health.  Being the enthusiast that I am, of course I want to share that with other people through my work!”  

Later, when she was well enough to resume work, Priscilla chose to build on her traditional chiropractic education and studied the technique of NSA.  By 2013 she had taken three different exams in this technique, including a practical examination with Donald Epstein, the developer of NSA.  Donny’s feedback was “That was brilliant!”

She established her own practice, Vibrant World, in 2013 and is thrilled at the results she sees in people’s bodies, but even more in their lives.  Priscilla is one of the lucky people who really loves her work.