Or you simply feel like you are not living your life to its true potential but instead are on a treadmill, unable to muster the energy or drive to make positive changes. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your story, you are in the right place.  Network Care can help you optimise your health and your wellness.

Your lifestyle and your health are intertwined. The choices you make affect your mind and your body. Ask yourself, are you in physical pain because you are stressed and tense?  Or are you stressed because you have recurring pain that no matter how you seem to treat it, simply won’t go away?  Perhaps you wake up with a knot of anxiety that colours your life like a permanent grey cloud.

Pain is the major reason people come to Vibrant World.

Stop – pay attention – do something different

Pain comes in different forms:

  • An injury where it’s obvious when and how it happened.  On the football pitch, while gardening, tripping over a curb, we all recognise this type.

  • Ongoing pain that snuck up over weeks, months or years.  It may have started as a vague tightness that turned into a grumbling ache before becoming outright pain.  The mechanism that causes this type of pain is usually to do with our lifestyle and life choices.

  • Sometimes an old injury that never fully heals becomes one of those grumbling aches which is more prone to re-injury.

We've seen bad backs that were grumbling away for twenty-five years, a neck that didn’t move since yesterday morning, searing leg pain from a lumbar disc herniation and an array of other aches and pains that have walked into the practice.

Pain is designed to get your attention,  and it does!  The role of pain is not to torture you and make your life a misery.  Its job is to provoke you to take action – different action from what you’ve been doing before.  If you put your hand on a hot stove, it is vital to feel the pain of burning skin so that you remove your hand quickly.


These people took action and brought their bodies to Vibrant World.  Here are their results:

"NSA makes huge improvements to the way my body works.  Because of this I have reduced pain in my back, I walk in a more balanced way and I’m more confident using my body.  As a result, my family are less worried about asking me to do physical tasks.  NSA is a way of ridding the body of stored aches and pains.     Vibrant World is an oasis in a sea of modern confusion.      Paul C


"Before I started NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), I experienced pain and discomfort in my shoulders, neck, back and chest.  I tried numerous therapies but NSA is the only treatment that has fundamentally altered and improved my body.  Since starting care, I have noticed my entire back, posture and alignment change for the better, I breathe more deeply.  All parts of my body feel connected.  I feel calm, energised and in control as a result of NSA.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It has been life changing."  RS

Why else might you be here?

In addition to physical symptoms, some patients when they first come to Vibrant World have other issues like...



Stress can be healthy…

It’s healthy and normal for you to respond to stressful situations: for example running a race or jumping out of harm’s way. The underlying primitive drive to survive is called the fight/flight response and it can be, literally , life-saver.

Stress can be unhealthy...

When our brain interprets that your life is threatened, although the reality is you’re late for an appointment or feel under pressure – that’s unhealthy stress. Your physical body may be safe and  sitting quietly in the car or office but at a chemical level your body keeps behaving as if it needs to fight for survival.  It’s sending signals through your nervous system to keeps you in state of permanent high alert and that’s a problem. 

NSA helps the body to recognise when it’s appropriate to switch from the fight/flight mode into the growth/repair mode. Here someone explains what that switch feels like for him.

"The amazing results from the “light touch” treatment means I feel more relaxed, less tense, freer and more flexible.  I have more energy, more gusto for the battle, more desire to savour life’s possibilities, more confidence/belief in my own ability and potential.  These changes have affected my life with greater mental clarity – a fog has lifted.  I have more zest for life…. I feel renewed, re-energised and motivated"      Peter O



Anxiety can take many forms and influences how we behave and the decisions we make, impacting our life negatively.

You may get a sense of growing unease when faced with change or an important event. Or the thought of going travelling, a family reunion or an impending interview can send you into a spin or worse, a panic attack.

Anxiety, unease and worry may even be the backdrop to how you live each day; a grey cloud and the knot in the stomach always present. Daily life in our culture can certainly be challenging, but it’s rarely life-threatening and through Network Care there is a way to free yourself from generalised anxiety or related disorders.

NSA helps the unconscious brain to more accurately assess the presence or absence of danger.  Then we produce an appropriate response to real stress (fight or flight) and the prevalent anxiety can turn into something else, like this:

"I came here because I had been feeling depressed, irritable and lacking confidence.  Since starting network care six weeks ago I find I have much more energy, feel happier, fitter and healthier.  I've also noticed a general sense of calm and overall wellbeing which means I am more able to deal with stress and disappointment in my daily life.  There is a new flexibility and softness in my back and spine.”   T Homer

Stuck in a rut

Do you feel that you are sleepwalking through the same routine week after week, either at work, at home or in your social life?

Or worse  - are you doing something that you know is a bad idea?  Perhaps it’s your exercise levels, or type of exercise, an absence of or excessive social life, the use of alcohol or food as emotional support. Even if you know a change would do you good, you just keep on doing the same old, same old.

That’s where NSA’s ability to impact our decision making about healthy lifestyle choices is an effective pattern interrupt. And that’s on top of NSA’s effect of how we feel about our levels of wellness.  See link for research with details of this.   NSA impacts people differently, here's an example.


"I'm physically healthier, more flexible and have fewer aches and pains since starting care at Vibrant World.  I love the gentleness of touch that can have such profound impact!  As a result I sleep better, get less stressed and don't dwell on 'incidents', I'm more philosophical about life.  It's good to find a way of working in harmony with my body."   Claire S