NSA Works

What’s happening?

If you’ve seen a video of a NSA entrainment, you may have seen a visible movement through the spine.  At the beginning of care, that’s associated with the respiratory wave, later it’s an involuntary ripple of movement that travels the length of the spine.  Measuring the electrical activity of spinal muscles during this movement shows a predictable pattern of signal.  The further a person has progressed in care, the more predictable that pattern.  In addition, if a person tries to emulate the ripple movement without an entrainment, the signals show no correlation to the pattern arising from the entrainment.  NSA causes learning in the brain and body to produce this new level of organized muscular behaviour.

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Does it work?

NSA practitioners witness remarkable changes in their patients in terms of body structure and function as well as how patients experience their lives differently.  A large-scale study to document these observations was conducted in the late 1990s involved a study of 2818 people who had received NSA chiropractic care for between one month and three years.  Patients answered a questionnaire about how they viewed their health as defined in four different ways and the results showed the majority ( 76%) reported improvement in all four areas.  Furthermore, quality of life and overall wellness had also improved and these improvements started from as early as one month in care.  The longer the patients had care, the greater the improvement in wellness.  There was no observable plateau to benefits of care.

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Benefit how?

You might expect people interested in health to adopt healthy lifestyle choices (like exercise and nutrition).  The unexpected was that NSA patients who didn’t adopt healthy lifestyle choices still reported wellness levels at double those of people who only use healthy lifestyle choices.  The combined effect of NSA patients who did choose a healthy lifestyle was greater again.

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