"Positive changes are too many to mention, however the top things are: less emotional stress, improved confidence, my shoulder is less painful and I have a clear mind.  Because of this I'm able to see things clearly, enjoy life more and focus on what matters most to me.  Other people can see I'm happier so they worry less about me and enjoy being with me more."     Wayne

"I started care with Priscilla because I was about to go through a big change at work ...Having had some NSA before, I knew that it helped me transform stress into fuel and energy.  And that it has – I have really looked forward to my entrainments every week and have noticed so many changes: Ihave been rising to new challenges with excitement rather than dread.  Breathing is also easier, and my strength in the gym has increased by 30-40% in the amount of weight I can lift, in a matter of weeks.  I am more aware of my body...  My family relationships also feel easier – I am more accepting and calmer.  These are pretty significant changes!  Priscilla is a diligent, kind and intelligent practitioner; if you are considering paying her a visit, do it!"     Tessa 

"My walking has improved; I don’t supinate (my feet) as much.  My back and spine feel looser and lighter.  I really enjoy my entrainments and look forward to coming.  NSA has helped my fibromyalgia, whilst not a cure it makes me more relaxed and my muscles easier.  To someone considering care, try it – I can’t tell you how it works, it just does.  You have nothing to lose and you will definitely gain something."    Lyn French

"Before I started NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), I experienced pain and discomfort in my shoulders, neck, back and chest.  I tried numerous therapies but NSA is the only treatment that has fundamentally altered and improved my body.  Since starting care, I have noticed my entire back, posture and alignment change for the better, I breathe more deeply.  All parts of my body feel connected.  I feel calm, energised and in control as a result of NSA.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  It has been life changing."   RS

"Life changing in a profound yet subtle way.  I was nervous at first but have found NSA with Priscilla to be the most effective therapy I have tried.  I was in a lot of pain which I am now free from and my perception of the world around me has changed from being a hostile place to a friendly one.  I would recommend NSA to anyone who is ready for change."     Nina      

" I am standing taller, pain free and back to the gym and spinning for the first time in a long time. [Priscilla's] confident, gentle and professional manner soon put me at ease.  Her method of working was a revelation, gentle and relaxing but with amazing results.  Thank you Priscilla, I would never hesitate to recommend you and indeed, have done so!"     Barbara Cosgrave

"Since starting care with Priscilla the tension in my lower back and neck is greatly reduced.  Also insomnia is now a thing of the past.  Huzar!"        Ronnie, who had recently completed the half marathon.

"He has calmed down a lot [since starting care].  His communication has improved and he
is more patient and understanding.  He can be reasoned with and can listen, understand and process things better.  Family life is more calm and stable.  My son has made significant improvements since he has been seeing Priscilla.  He attributes this to the treatments he has received." The mother of a 19 year old autistic boy

I love NSA's holistic approach - the way it works on the whole of me!  I feel a calmer person and have more ability to cope with the stresses of life"          Hilary

"Work feels more positive.  I'm open to and welcoming change.  I feel my life has never been better (despite one or two real challenges). "     Clare

"To people considering NSA care at Vibrant World Chiropractic I'd say 'Try it!'  I have tried many different forms of care.  This really works for me.  It releases tension in the spine very effectively.  Priscilla has the ability to make you feel relaxed and is an excellent practitioner."     Graham 

"I feel relaxed and refreshed after NSA treatment.  Since starting care my sleep has improved and I have better capacity to deal with challenging situations. 
In addition, I'm performing better at work."
     Andrew Lennard   

  "NSA was recommended to me by a good friend.  The effect of the work on my body was almost instant ... the ability to make decisions with clarity and precision, the loss of tension in the body...  The process is so gentle and undramatic ... a most tender process of healing.  It works and seems objective.  It has been so effective that my teenage children are now joining me in this practice.  Wonderful.  I'm fortunate enough to have encountered a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring and skillful practitioner in Priscilla."     GE

"I am more balanced both physically and emotionally.  I have more flexibility and far less pain.  This means I am able to do more physical work and I feel more emotionally connected to others.  Priscilla is patient and knowledgeable and attuned to everyone’s needs; a gifted practitioner.  NSA is life-enhancing.     Angela C

"My son is 20 years old and has autism.  All his life he has suffered from extreme anxiety, frustration and latterly depression.  NSA has helped him become calmer and more relaxed.  He has opened up, has greater awareness and now communicates much more easily, effectively and happily. Since starting care myself my shoulders and back feel very relaxed as if the long years of stored up tension have been released.  Pain in my hands and forearms have stopped and my energy levels and morale have improved dramatically."     Anon

"I went to see Priscilla because I was experiencing pain in my hips, knees and my left leg.  After my first treatment I had a burst of energy and did some aerobics indoors - I hadn't done that for ages.  In the last five weeks my posture has improved as well.  I feel the treatment is having a positive impact and can recommend it."     JB

"I love the fact that this care helps to relieve stress stored in my back.   I now have more movement in my back and I'm much calmer in my attitude and outlook on life in general... Come and try it, I remember my first NSA entrainment.  I was so amazed - I knew I was onto something."       GS

"In a short space of time (6 weeks) I have seen my posture change, my body structure change ... how can this be when the process is so gentle and subtle? ... I have more energy, friends have remarked how I look different and more energised.  I feel more peaceful, happier and more able to cope with stressful situations in a humorous and gentle way."    NM

"Since starting Network Spinal Analysis I can do more exercise without worrying"  Russell