Are you a Star Wars fan that wants to be flu-free?

If you’ve made it through Christmas and most of January without getting a cold or flu, congratulations! 

It sounds as though your immune system is doing a great job.  It also sounds like your nervous system is on good form.  Why is that?  It’s because the nervous system organises and coordinates the immune response.

If your immune system is a group of soldiers trained to fight intruders into the body, it’s the nervous system that is the military commander in charge of strategy to wage war against colds and flu. 

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Here’s an analogy for fans of Star Wars:  your immune system is a light sabre, the nervous system is a jedi knight wielding the light sabre.  Which is more important?  Well you need them both: the light sabre to be powered up and the jedi knight to be skilled using the light sabre against the dark side of the force.

As the black cape of Darth Vadar approaches, do you want your jedi knight on top form with lightning reaction and accurate assessment of the situation?  Or a bit distracted, confused and slow off the mark? 


That’s why it’s important your nervous system is working optimally; it’s the headquarters for all body functions including your defence against colds and flu too. 

Your cold & flu defence kit

If you want to bolster your defences against germs and viruses;

·         Ensure your nervous system is on top form.  Book yourself for an entrainment.  If you’ve got a cold or flu and you’re well enough to make it into work, then come in for your entrainment too.  This is when you need it most!  You can be in the private consultation room with the ioniser which kills viruses.

·         Support your immune system with Vitamin C (it’s like training your fighting force, or recharging your light sabre).  Vitamin C is anti-viral, a powerful antioxidant and becomes depleted in times of stress.  Metabolics is the brand of supplements that I use.  Voucher Code 174587 gives you 10% discount.