There's manual therapy; there's chiropractic; and then there's NSA

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) works with the body to facilitate the experience of safety and rest.  But, unlike a summer holiday, you don’t need two weeks to feel this relaxed, it takes a few minutes.  This is because NSA uses gentle, specific touches on the body to facilitate a person to switch from fight/flight response into the rest/repair mode.  What is more, your body can learn to reproduce that switch to relaxation.  When that happens, a person experiences less physical pain, great spinal flexibility and more energy to bring to their daily lives. 

NSA is invaluable for people who feel hurried, stressed, overwhelmed and overtired, which are all characteristics of the fight/flight response (of the sympathetic nervous system).  When someone feels like this several times a day, for many weeks or months on end, it becomes a learnt response to everyday life.  However, the fight/flight response is only appropriate when our lives are actually in danger, or we’re physically active or when we need to perform:  for example, swerving the car to avoid something in the road, running a race or giving a presentation at work.  The rest of the time, it’s appropriate that our body and mind can rest, repair, and be at its best.  For our mind, that involves problem solving, reasoning, decision making and lateral thinking – a resourceful state of mind!  NSA helps the body and mind to remember and re-learn how to respond from this more resourceful state more of the time, and as appropriate. 

NSA is one of many chiropractic techniques.  Since the chiropractic profession began 120 years ago, more than 100 techniques have evolved from the central chiropractic principle that the nervous system is key to health.  Assessment of the body looks at how the nervous system functions as well as how the physical structure of the body has adapted to an injury.  The variety of different chiropractic techniques represents a variety of approaches to improve function in the body and nervous system.

Other manual therapies are based on the importance of blood flow or lymphatic flow to health and healing.  Others still are based on the idea that changing muscle tone and length (through massage or stretching) will enable the body to heal or symptoms to be relieved.  Of course, using hands (manual) to help a body to heal (therapy)  is as old as the hills.  There are pictures from ancient china which show early forms of this. 

Using our hands to help the body is not a new idea, and today it's developed to the extent that NSA is leading the field of neuroscience with groundbreaking research.

There’s manual therapy; There’s chiropractic; And then there’s Network Spinal Analysis