Align my wheels

On a road trip last summer I passed a vehicle emblazoned with ‘Align my wheels’ and then several questions painted on the side of the van:

  • Is your steering wheel crooked?
  • Does your car pull to one side?
  • Tyres wearing unevenly?

Sorting these out would lead to ‘safer, smoother and cheaper driving’.
Immediately my work head popped up.  People really understand the idea of taking steps to address a small problem with how their car functions – so that it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem.  Do people apply the same principles so quickly to their own body? 

We can see a comparison between a car’s function affecting performance and our body’s function affecting performance.  I would add that THE BODY IS MUCH MORE COMPLEX THAN A CAR, which is a good thing because it has so many belt and braces ways to adapt, compensate and keep going even when it’s not functioning as well as it could do.  How often have you felt the flu coming on, promised yourself an early bed and pressed on with your day as planned?  Or perhaps you’ve fallen over and hurt a leg and a few days later realised that the other side of your body is sore too, because of how you’ve been walking with an injury?  That’s your body which is allowing you to keep going, despite functioning less than optimally.

Can we look after our body at least as well as we look after our car?  Remembering that our body cannot be replaced – unlike our car!

Here’s my version:
‘Align my spine’

  • Is your head forward?
  • Is your balance worse with closed eyes?
  • Shoes wear unevenly?

Sorting these out will lead to an easier, looser and fitter body.