On top of your game? Which game is that?

When England hosted the Rugby World Cup last year, we were treated to watching top flight rugby, whichever side you were supporting.  And that’s the joy of seeing an expert in their field display their skills, it can appear effortless when in fact we’re watching the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and practise.  What does it take to be world class – at anything?

From his book, The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle concludes the formula to attain world class level in any field is 10,000 hours of ‘deep practice’ over ten years.  That’s almost three hours a day, every day for a decade.  That takes dedication, commitment and focus – and that really is to be admired, not least for the level of self-leadership it reveals.  Of course, dear reader, now you’re starting to wonder what you’re becoming an expert in.  You’re wracking your brain to think how you regularly spend nearly three hours a day. 

A recent newspaper article declares in Britain the average adult watches television for four hours each day.  For a while there I started to feel I was becoming overly proficient in the art of sitting entirely still at a computer.  Perhaps you feel you’ve specialised in driving during rush hour traffic?  More importantly, in which field do you want to be an expert?  Maybe not a world class sportsman, but the most accomplished golfer you can be now?  Or a superstar in your cherished hobby that has been shunted down your to do list?

Take a leaf out of these world class rugby players and actively choose what you want to be doing with your time.  Choose which game you want to excel in.