Peak performance from the fastest man on earth

Did you hear the one about the fastest man on earth who didn’t invest in his nervous system?  No?  That’s because Usain Bolt, three times Olympic gold medallist at 100metres has had regular chiropractic care for years. 

Olympic sports, like nothing else, exemplifies the importance of peak physical performance.  Many countries including Team GB are using Chiropractors as part of their team support.  Those chiropractors might be dealing with fresh injuries, more likely they’ll be working to optimise physical performance on athletes who are healthy, fit and strong. 

The difference separating first and fourth place can be a hundredth of a second. It’s all about adjusting the small things, so that these athletes can perform to their full potential.

Says Kevin Rindal, a chiropractor working for the USA swimming team.  Chiropractic care directly interacts with the nervous system so that the athlete is in the best form possible to shave away at split-second differences.

Happily, you don’t have to be either an Olympic athlete or an injured physical wreck to access chiropractic to improve your physical performance.  This Chiropractor is based in Guildford town centre, Surrey.