Don't let Medusa turn you to stone

Laptops, televisions, tablets and phones have succeeded where mythical Medusa failed to turn those who look at them into stone.  Long hours at work, working at laptops on the train journey home and then evenings relaxing infront of the tv have rendered our modern society increasingly sedentary, increasingly static.  This is a problem not just in real time for causing achey bodies, stiff shoulders, neck or back pain.  It has a creeping detrimental impact on our health, especially cardiovascular disease.

More and more opinion reiterates the importance of increasing our activity levels - a couple of visits to the gym a week is not enough to offset the negative effects of a sedentary life.  We need to incorporate more activity as part of our regular routine.

  • An easy win is to use a standing desk, or stand while on the phone.
  • Getting up and moving around to break up long hours at the computer sets a precedence of movement.

Of course it's not only our behaviour at work that needs to change, it's our perception - and our bosses' perceptions - of what a hard-working employee looks like.  Read the full article on the Mayo Clinic website here.

The other side of this coin is our posture while using screens.  Many people tell me they'd like to stand taller than they do, countless parents have told me their childrens' posture is 'terrible'.  That's why I've introduced a Posture Consultation which includes

  • an assessment
  • ergonomic advice and
  • rehabilitative exercises.

Especially for people who don't want Chiropractic care but could do with some personalised advice on how to improve their posture, this one-off appointment is tailor-made for them.  Find out more here.