Welcome to Wellness, Arianna Huffington

When Arianna Huffington moves into the field of wellness, you know great things are afoot.

This is the woman who identified a gap in the media market, harnessed the trend for blogging and brought that to online news in a format that capitalised on the golden 'social proof' of social media.  Then she sold it for $315 million.

This is the woman who was working so hard that she regularly skimped on her sleep.  One day she passed out from exhaustion, fell and broke her cheek bone.  Only then did she decide her health deserved more consideration in her bid to 'have it all'.  She wrote a book on sleep, redefined her ideas of achieving success and in August 2016 left Huffington Post .... to transform the way we live and work through a new venture, Thrive Global.

Stress got to Arianna

"Stress is a global epidemic, costing businesses hundreds of billions of dollars and wreaking havoc on our health, our creativity, our performance and our relationships.  And yet, so much of our culture is still fuelled by stress and burnout.  But we know from the latest science that virtually every aspect of our lives is improved when we take steps to prioritize our health and well-being."  www.thriveglobal.com

Stress is such a buzz word, and now Arianna Huffington is onto it.  I'm thrilled.  As a chiropractor, I often have conversations with patients about stress.  For many, it's part of the reason they come to me - they've heard the technique I use has a remarkable impact on stress and well-being.  Regularly patients tell me not only has their physical pain improved but they have increased capacity for stress.

Ms Huffington moves into Corporate Wellness

Just as stress can be a tell-tale sign that a person's health is under duress, it can be an early warning sign for an 'unhealthy' workplace too.  Absenteeism through sickness and high job turnover are undesirable for a business's bottom line and there exists an industry that delivers wellness programmes into the corporate world.  Ms Huffington's Thrive Global is likely to raise the stakes for the whole sector - already working on a pilot training programme with the management consultancy, Accenture.  From her track record in online media, she's likely to be a game changer here too.

... and lends some clout

So I'm thrilled that Arianna Huffington is moving into the arena of wellness at work, a sustainable model of work and life success.  As I read Thrive Global's latest newsletter about prioritizing health and well-being "taking those steps and incorporating them into our daily lives", I'm reminded of a blog I wrote about making small changes repeatedly to steer your progress towards a goal.  I've been waving this 'wellness' flag for a while in my role as a chiropractor practising Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), but Arianna Huffington has clout.  She has influence and twitter followers, she has angel investors and newspaper articles written about her. I expect she'll once again lead the way to a radical shake up in this corporate wellness industry which will percolate into the modern psyche... "ending our collective delusion that burnout is the necessary price we must pay for success" www.thriveglobal.com

Welcome, Arianna, to the importance of true wellness.  The chiropractic technique Network Spinal Analysis is absolutely operating in this arena as it affects:

It's very nice to have you here.

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