You have physical pain

You understand your body
can heal

You’ve decided enough
is enough: it’s time to
get this sorted


You want to experience cutting edge neuroscience first-hand

You like to be where people support their own health

You want a technique that
is gentle enough for all your family:  young and old

You like health outcomes
which are measurable
and reproducible

You want to read the research about how this works

Your relationship with your body needs to improve

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a pioneering chiropractic technique which uses the nervous system to promote self-healing.

A treatment session is called an “entrainment” and involves light touches in specific places on the spine and body which prompts your brain/body to recognise and release tension. Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a take-home tool which combines your focus, movement and breath to increase your body awareness

This in turn aids the effectiveness of NSA and often is a component of treatment recommendations. The combination of NSA and SRI optimises a person's experience of and progress through care.  Together they are referred to as ‘Network Care’. 

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